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Dear Community and Friends,


This August, we will be joining a group of Peacemakers for the Bearing Witness Plunge in the Black Hills. We will be driving there from New York City and would like to provide an opportunity for others to donate clothes, blankets, money or other provisions for the Lakota people. We will be leaving New York the second week of August and can accept donations at the Nur Ashki Jerrahi dergah at iftars during the month of Ramadan and at dhikr on Thursdays until August 3rd. We can also pick up items in the NYC area with enough advance notice via email (


If you prefer to make a monetary donation, which would allow beneficiaries to choose what is most needed, we have provided a PayPal link above. All donations will be given to the Elders of the community in the name of those who share the vision of a new humanity dedicated to peace and aspiring towards unity.

We feel deeply honored and humbled by the Lakota Nation who is allowing our group to come and stay with them, and hope you can help us show a small measure of respect and honor for our hosts.

with Love,

Ola, Clay, Mei Ling and Kenai

"First nations around the world have lost their lands, languages, and ways of life at the hands of American and European colonialists pursuing an agenda of domination, genocide, theft, and the elimination of indigenous cultures and identities. Entire nations have vanished. This catastrophe is not just theirs; it belongs to all humans and to the earth itself."

May we all find healing by remaining conscious of, and aspiring to live by, the sacred laws of the Lakota people:

Wacante Oganake: Be Generous

Wowaunsila: Have Compassion

Wowauonihan: Give Respect and Honor

Wowacintanka: Have Patience and Tolerance

Wowahwala: Be Humble

Woohitike: Be Courageous

Woksape: Cultivate Understanding and Wisdom

Photographs by Peter Cunningham

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