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No Child Hungry – Kimisagara Orphanage

Last Saturday I visited the Kimisagara Orphanage in Kigali. Located up the long, steep road the orphanage cannot be reached by car. The orphanage hosts almost 200 children ages 2 – 18 and older, mainly the genocide survivors. There is no orphanage staff around on a daily basis - the older children take care of the younger ones. A few of the orphans (approximately 4) are HIV positive and need medical attention. All require good nutrition, of which there is shortage.


Together with Ginni Stern we have begun raising money to help them buy rice immediately. As I was to leave Kigali shortly after, I asked Celine Kayinamura, my dear Rwandan friend who some of you met during the Bearing Witness Retreat to help coordinate this project. Celine lives in Kigali and will assist with purchasing and distributing the food to the orphans.


If you would like to support our initiative, please send donations to my PayPal account. The funds will be used only to purchase necessary food supplies at this point. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me at if you have any questions.


You can send your donation of support using paypal to


If you prefer to send a check or offer cash, please email at for my mailing address.


I will be grateful if you would consider sharing this letter to any individual or organization you feel might be interested in supporting me in this endeavor.


Heartfelt greetings and peace to you,

Aleksandra Kwiatkowska




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